Birthdate: April 13, 1984

Status:Married to 305 Sprint Car driver Stephanie Dodson

Occupation: Sales Engineer

Doug began racing go-karts in 1996, and taking after his father, (also named Doug) had a very successful career in the entry level division. The two of them shared the sport with both father and son earning several wins. Things began to get more serious for them as Doug's father hung up his helmet and purchased a 270cc micro sprint for his son. Doug ran 270cc micro sprints for 3 years and 600cc micro sprints for a year.  In September, 2004, Doug was informed that his Army Reserve unit was to be deployed to Iraq.  Doug’s father, who had owned a supersportsman for a few years, felt a good sendoff for his son would be to let him drive the larger, more powerful racecar.  Doug raced at Williams Grove Speedway, qualifying for and finishing the feature.  This taste of bigger, V8 engine racing had Doug looking forward to bigger and better things.

But those ambitions had to wait for a year, however, because in October of 2005, Doug and his Army Reserve unit were mobilized for deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Doug spent a year in and around Baghdad, Iraq working as a construction equipment operator and serving as a team leader. With this deployment came some added income, which prompted Doug to start researching possible racing avenues. Doug liked the supersportsman, but his heart fell for the awesome speed and exciting racing of sprint cars. So in the fall of 2005, while Doug was still in Iraq, he purchased a 358 sprint car team.

Finally returning home in January of 2006, Doug quickly began working on preparing the car for the 2006 season. Doug's father got to work rebuilding the two Mopar engines and things were looking promising. Doug spent his rookie year racing at Selinsgrove Speedway. The season was marred by a horrific turn one crash that saw Doug flip 6 times out over the guardrail. With the help of fellow competitor Jordan Frontz and his family, another car was able to be put together and Doug was able to finish out the year. Doug’s 2006 season was highlighted by a 3rd place finish at Selinsgrove Speedway.

After racing ended at Selinsgrove, Doug and his father were excited for the next season, but felt the 358 division was tough to get seat time in. So Doug's father purchased a used Mopar 410 engine and that became the teams focus. In 2007, Doug attacked Lincoln Speedway looking to gain as much experience as possible against the famed Pennsylvania Posse. In his first year in 410's and only his second year in full size sprint cars, Doug was able to post an 8th place finish and several heat wins.

2008 was another progressive year for Doug and the team.  C.C. Dietz Builders came on board as sponsors, and the support of the entire Dietz family was a major part of the team’s ability to cope with the ups and downs the 2008 season brought them.  The season was highlighted by several heat wins, a 2nd place finish at Sharon Speedway in Hartford, Ohio, and 5th place finishes at both Williams Grove and Lincolns speedways.

Doug and the team earned their first feature win at Lincoln Speedway early in 2009. This was after losing a car to a horrific crash on opening day. 2009 was a true test to the team as the season was plagued with crashes.

Doug raced with the Dietz family through the first half of the 2011 season, when he was let go as the driver of the #14 410 sprinter.  Doug would be sidelined for the second half of 2011, as he prepared for the next chapter of his racing career.

Although Doug had a strong desire to continue racing 410 sprint cars, the funding for such a venture was not there.  Doug and his father decided to move to the Super Sportsman ranks for 2012.  Although not as powerful as the 410 sprint cars, Doug found the racing in the Super Sportsman division to be excellent.  Mid-way through the 2012 season, the Dodson Motorsports team picked up some dedicated crew members that took the teams preparedness and performance to the next level.

Doug and the team are more excited than ever to hit the track and win races in 2013.  Be sure to come to a race and check us out!